Canoe Clean Up 2019

 12th Annual
Canoe Clean-Up, Can YOU Clean-Up?

12th Annual Canoe Clean-Up was a success! BIG shout out to Fort Wayne Outfitter’s Bike Depot & Bike Hub canoe/kayak use, Bradley Scott & Jeff Bunger for YEARS of entertaining us with their talented tunes! Old Crown Coffee Roasters at the beginning with their delicious donation and accepting our trash after we pulled it out of the river and into their dumpster!

Everyone always wants to know what we pulled out of the river! Styrofoam, plastic, cigarette butts, aluminum cans and glass bottles, rubber ball, tennis ball, 3 car tires, care fuel pump/hose, tent, tarps, wet blankets, hypodermic needles, tampons, to-go boxes, bike rack/bike tire, clothing, lighters, cigarette packs/chew packs, boat anchor, caution tape and so much more! Always thank you to our Board Members, Celia Elder, A.T. Thieme-Hamman, Aaron Goulet, Ellen Bauman, Jain Young & Heartland Communities: Plowshares, with Lauren Conklin special shout out for the great pics! YES! Thank you picture takers and our trash digging volunteers: Lisa Chantaca, Tricia Cliffton Brent Warner Bryan Utesch, & Daniel Hart! We had about 65 people overall who participated today! The St. Marys and Maumee are better now because of YOU!

Save Ma_mee ~ The only thing missing is U!

Saturday ~ September 21, 2019

Where: Fort Wayne Outfitters/Bike Depot
1004 Cass Street  Fort Wayne, IN 46808

FREE CANOE RENTAL WITH ID, thanks to Fort Wayne Outfitters Bike Depot!



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  • Cleansing the St. Mary’s riverbanks of garbage helps water quality in Fort Wayne and downstream

  • ITS FREE ~ Donations are accepted not expected ~ $ helps to keep the fun flowing! Don’t just dream about clean rivers…Come out & help….if not you….WHO?

Well, the good news is we will be back again next year and the year after that – to plant native riparian seed, clean up the banks of the St. Marys River to raise awareness about the conditions of our beautiful waterways.

Our projects heart & soul is in our citizen volunteers! The river thanks you from its bottom! Rivers NEED YOU!