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Feb. 2014: Latest information for Little River Wetlands Project / Eagle Marsh:
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Your voice DOES matter!

Your voice DOES matter!

Other Legislative Updates:

Feb 3rd was the last day bills can be voted on in the House and sent to Senate.   Feb 5th is the latest day bills can be sent from the Senate to the House.   Then we will start the process over with the Committee Hearings. 


 Click on bill versions to see the roll call of vote.  You may want to email your Senator and thank them or email them your concern.  They will know people are watching how they vote. Also, if you attend any Town Hall Meetings where Legislators are present, you will be a well informed citizen. In my humble opinion, we all need to watch more closely and hold our Legislators accountable for their voting record and when it is time to vote in the next election to remember how they voted.   We are all part of the Legislative process, however, it does take time and energy to contribute to the process. 
Senate Bill 404 is the canned hunting bill. I can never understand why anyone thinks it is sport to contain animals in a fenced area and then shoot them and think it is sport.  It is a business and I would think Indiana could have better economic development plans than canned hunting.    This bill will be up for second reading on Monday.   If you have concerns regarding this bill, please call or email your Senator. 
Senate Bill 101 the former ag-gag bill is now just a trespass bill.  However, it will be interesting to see if the House makes an attempt to amend the bill back to ag-gag     http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2014/bills/senate/101
House Bills
Bills of concern not heard in Committee in the House were  H Bill 1191 and  1200. Both have companion bills that will be coming from the Senate.  
House Bill 1143
Legislators seem so willing to give our State Rights to the Federal Government?  If this bill becomes law, the citizens will lose their rights to have stakeholders on both side work for better regulations.  The bill passed the House. We have many unique situations in Indiana and we should never lose our right to the Federal Government and be caught up in the bureaucracy of government.
 What is the agenda?  If you go to www.in.gov you can scroll down to Governor Pence  There is a a link called ASK MIKE. Good time to tell him your concerns.   http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2014/bills/house/1143
Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

 Increasing nitrogen inputs from fertilizer application have contributed to greater agricultural outputs in the last 50 years. They have also resulted in the release of nitrogen to the environment, in particular through emissions of ammonia (NH3) to the atmosphere. In the U.S. it’s estimated that ∼25% of the nitrogen used as fertilizer is lost to the atmosphere as ammonia (NH3), costing farmers ∼6 billion US$ a−1. Beyond the direct economic liability, this makes agriculture the largest source of NH3 to the atmosphere with important consequences for human health, ecosystems, and climate.3−5