Clean Water Act: Online Courses

What’s the most powerful legal tool out there in the hands of watershed and river advocates? The Clean Water Act! River Network showcased a comprehensive online Clean Water Act course for individuals to learn more about how you can use the power of the Act. The course provides lessons on topics that are integral to understanding the Clean Water Act, includes “digging deeper” information for more advanced thinking on the topics, and real-world stories to illustrate how watershed groups have successfully applied the course ideas.

Course lesson topics include:

  1. water quality standards;
  2. pollution discharge permits;
  3. stormwater pollution discharge permits;
  4. identifying impaired waters;
  5. restoring impaired waters;
  6. water quality certification;
  7. wetland dredge & fill and stream alteration permits;
  8. nonpoint source pollution control;
  9. state revolving funds;
  10. enforcing the Act; and
  11. other laws.


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