Earth Day 2007

Save Maumee again wants to thank you! We were so pleased over 100 of you attended and scoured the riverbanks’ rubbish. The riverbank truly looks beautiful today thanks to everyone who worked hard on garbage duty. Solid Waste Dept. donated a 40 yard garbage container and it was over 1/3 filled by the end of the day! We pulled out 27 tires or so, fishing line, cable cords, and lots of assorted riverbank rubbish!  Fire Department Station #10 showed support and safety for volunteers, by dropping their boats in the Maumee. We were on News Channel 21 for Earth Day interviews.  The day was fun and celebrated by all!

We made the Journal Gazette together, Tuesday, April 24, 2008, Metro Section. Frank Gray spoke about the Erosion Control mats and lack of funding for Save Maumee. This was Mr. Gray’s 2nd article in 2 weeks! Thursday April 12, 2007 he presented Save Maumee’s concerns about the strait pipe discharge, garbage and Earth Day. He reiterated the fact that Save Maumee has no “real” members yet has contributed significantly to environmental awareness and restoration for the last 2 years.