Victories for our Rivers 2020

  • Save Maumee received a third Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant (Jan 2019 through January 2021), to plant an additional 1,390 trees, along almost another mile of ditches and streams!  Riparian Buffer Initiative 3
  • (PICS) 15th Annual Earth Day(s) – Simply removed trash to commemorate that Earth Day is not simply once per year. April 2020 Social Distancing Member Clean-Up, filling a 20 yard dumpster from this site.
  • Roaring 20’s World Faire, for Save Maumee’s Annual Fundraiser, to commemorate the 20’s and celebrate our current period in time while raising money for the shovel-ready projects! (February 2020)
  • Completed U.S. Forest Service Class (4 Board Members), Adaptation to Climate Change, M&M Landfill Project 

Victories for our Rivers 2019

  • Here was our 7th project, Earth Day Tree Planting, where we installed approximately 610 bare root trees at a historic industrial site!
  • Here was our 8th project, 2-Day October Tree Planting, where we installed 482 large native trees!
  • Come to an event in 2019 and earn or purchase all the schwag that Lush bought Save Maumee to provide to our volunteers! THANK YOU!
  • Another Bazaar Evening on the Maumee FUN-Raiser is an annual event you should never miss!
  • Thanks to Flat Top Grill on March 7 for hosting Save Maumee for a wonderful Thursday evening to help fund our projects!
  • 12th Annual Canoe Clean Up – Update and pics

Victories for our Rivers 2018

  • April 2018 for Earth Day we COMPLETED planting 2,780 trees along 1.4 miles of streams! Save Maumee Riparian Buffer Initiative planted 30 different species along the most degraded subwatersheds that lead to the Upper Maumee River and Lake Erie.
  • Lush Cosmetics, Charity Pot donated $20,000 to Save Maumee, so we were able to provide toilets and hand-washing stations at our public events! They also bought all the stuff we wished for; sweatshirts and t-shirts with our logo, sew-on-patches, a billboard that will be up an  entire year, stickers, brochures and so much more!
  • Little River Wetland Project, Eagle Marsh allowed Save Maumee to take seed from their nature preserve! October 2018
  • Removed hundreds of trees that DO NOT belong in a Nature Preserve!
  • July 2018, a Hazardous Household Waste Site was opened in Allen County! WHOOT WHOOT!
  • A Bazaar Evening on the Maumee River Fundraiser, February 17, 2017 – Promotional video about the event and our work!

Victories for our Rivers 2017

  • Allen County Drainage Board Meetings are now on Public Access! WATCH THEM ALL HERE
  • October 2017, Save Maumee Riparian Buffer Initiative planted 409 trees along the Maumee River and Rodenbeck Drain.
  • Environmental Achievement Award 2017 ~ Presented to Save Maumee by Indiana Division: Isaac Walton League, June 4th’s State Convention.
  • River Drums Festival was inspired by Save Maumee’s 2014 Canoe Trip, said Terry Doran, TRACK Organizer.  Diversity, Rivers Celebrated – Journal Gazette, May 29, 2017
  • Submitted Public Comments to the Indiana’s Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Domestic Action plan for the Western Lake Erie Basin – CLICK HERE:

How Trees & Grasses improve water qualityHow do trees & grasses (vegetation) help to improve water quality?

Riparian Buffer BenefitsWhat are riparian buffers?  How do they help water quality?

What does Save Maumee plant along the riverbanks?What does Save Maumee plant along the riverbanks?

What is a Watershed?What is a watershed?

Entire Maumee Watershed: a.k.a. Maumee River Basin How does the water from Fort Wayne make it to Lake Erie? Entire Maumee Watershed: a.k.a. Maumee River Basin

UPPER Maumee WatershedDo I live in the Upper Maumee Watershed?

Upper Maumee Subwatersheds delineated Upper Maumee Subwatersheds delineated

Critical Areas for Urban Land Use Critical Areas for Urban Land Use

Bullerman Ditch Subwatershed Bullerman Ditch Subwatershed

Trier Ditch Subwatershed Trier Ditch Subwatershed

Sixmile Creek Subwatershed Sixmile Creek Subwatershed