EVERY Tuesday was KIDS DAY from July to October

All ages were WELCOME with their parents

Volunteer Opportunities at every river bend!Public Green Space  N. Anthony and Niagara Dr. ~ northeast side of the Maumee River ~ Follow Signs


July 1st – LOVE our local rivers : Completed

  • Welcome participants!
  • Introduction to Save Maumee
  • Trash pick-up hike on the Maumee Riverbank.
  • Make your own plant books to use throughout the summer; each week adding a new plant, tree, flower, or seed, to collect and identify.

The group identified TREES: Catalpa, Red Maple and Silver Maple

Tuesday’s Kids Summer Fun until October 2014

July – 8   Rip-Roaring Rangers to the Rescue of the Maumee River – Completed

  • Discussion focus: Why are plants important to water quality?
  • Water quality demonstration
  • Add another page to your personal tree and plant identification book
  • Founder, Abigail King discussion on age appropriate river topics
  • Todays snacks provided by Our Generous Members:
    Bill White, Lydia Lamont and Zack Doctor

The group identified berry-bearing trees; Mulberry, Raspberry and Common Service Berry

Cup Plant
Cup Plant
Fort Wayne vegetation removal on Levees
Fort Wayne vegetation removal on Levees

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July 16 The Kitchen Sink or the Drain on my Street? – completed

  • Where does the water go?
  • Where does the water come from?
  • Where/ What is stormwater and why does it matter?
  • Learn ways to help keep the water clean before it gets to the kitchen sink or the drain on our streets!
  • Reading and coloring & FREE Storm Water book, courtesy of The Allen County Partnership for Water Quality!

July 23 Tour your local riverbanks – completed

  • Nature Hike down on the riverbank
  • Add more beautiful pages to your weekly Plant Book
  • Learn about the unique characteristics of each native, non-native or invasive plant life being added to your weekly book!
  • After a hike, we will take some time to share our experiences!

September 2nd – Summer Kids Fun Day with Matt Jones of Allen County Partnership for Water Quality

September 9  @ North Anthony Bridge Greenspace

September 16  @North Anthony Bridge Greenspace

September 23  @North Anthony Bridge Greenspace

September 30 – Inside at the Downtown Public Library

October 7th –  Inside at Downtown Public Library

What to bring:

  • Smiling faces
  • Plant Workbook (if you took it home)
  • REUSABLE water bottles – Save Maumee can provide a water bottle with a $1 (or more) donation

What to wear

  • Long pants to keep nettles and poison ivy off legs – nettles and poison ivy are natives!
  • Play shoes / Boots – Durable shoes you do not mind getting muddy.

~ Project will be canceled in the event of heavy rainstorm ~
~ The project will continue through light rain~


1st Annual Membership Meeting – Glasgow Avenue and Maumee Avenue at Memorial Park Pavilion 

CLICK HERE: Become a member today!

Seed Harvest Stats 2014:  CLICK HERE

Questions: Please contact Celia Garza by phone/text (260) 255-1103 OR email here