End of Ellenwood Drive_New Haven

This large area will need lots of help with invasive removal! IT IS WILD!

…along the legal drain, south of Ellenwood Drive and west of Meyer Rd.


Legal Description: E1/2 Ne1/4 Ex Am Martin Indust Pk Sec I & Ii & Iii & Ex Tracts

Martin Realty 

Fort Wayne, IN 46806 

Save Maumee Riparian Buffer Initiative would begin to selectively remove the invasive species which do not belong there, remove trash, and prepare the site for tree planting beginning in September 2019.

Save Maumee Upper Trier Drain Plans _9.11.19

This site is directly adjacent to our last site on Meyer Rd.and on the same side of Paul Trier Upper.

This project would be Save Maumee’s eighth project, where we will be planting 460 native trees along 1,200 linear feet (by 25 feet wide) of the Upper Trier (Paul Trier Ditch AKA Grabner Ditch) on the  north/west side.

Most of the tree planting will occur at the end of October with invasive removal beginning in early September.

These projects are made possible through the federal Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) and U.S. Forest Service.

The USDA & Save Maumee are equal opportunity providers, employers, and lenders. FULL CIVIL RIGHTS, NONDISCRIMINATORY POLICY & HOW TO FILE A COMPLAINT HERE.