Save Maumee 100% Volunteer Successes:

A. Passed out 1,000 informational brochures in 2011 READ HERE:

B. Active hands-on work – In 2011 alone we removed 4,400 lbs of trash, planted 900 trees, 40 raspberry bushes, hundreds of plant plugs (pre-grown plants) and 100 lbs of native wet mesic prairie plants

1. We had approximately 330 participants at our 6th Annual Earth Day 2011celebration :

Here is our funny video of Earth Day 2011 

or you can see our more serious message from Earth Day 2011 HERE:

2. We had approximately 70 people at our 5th Annual Save Maumee Canoe Clean-Up, Can YOU Clean-Up?

3. Save Maumee had approximately 25 volunteers harvest seed from Allen County Nature’s Preserve, Fox Island.  Working together with Allen County because they know we will plant the 20lbs of native seed, we harvested, on the banks of the Maumee.  SEE PICS HERE: 

4. July 16th United States National Guard lead by Staff Sergeant Grimm and Sergeant Michele Berkes-Adams along with a medic and 20 recruits removed large items in the Maumee River in Riverhaven, (a three mile stretch between Fort Wayne and New Haven) – The U.S. Army works on “green drills” several times a year and has chosen to help Save the Maumee River!  Items to be removed included a teddy bear, 15 tires and assorted car parts, steel drums, a sump pump, 2 children pools. Hats off to the men and women who keep us safe through cleaning up the large items that nobody else can remove without being put in harms way! Canoes were provided by Fort Wayne Outfitters/Bike Depot and Earth Adventures; two competitors working together to improve our rivers!  Special thanks to New Haven Parks & Recreation Dept. for taking away the trash we collected! GREAT JOB TROOPS!  CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY! or
CLICK HERE to see the PICTURES OF THE DAY! (pictures by Dana Jinx)

5. If you would like to see our pictures for ALL Save Maumee events in 2011, Check our Facebook HERE

C. Education Opportunities

1. We spoke at Indiana University/Purdue University Fort Wayne 6 times – reaching approximately 30 college students per presentation.

2. Presented educational information for three Girl Scout Troops and had childrens’ educational opportunities at Earth Day 2011 and Save Maumee’s 5th Annual Canoe Clean Up, Can YOU Clean-Up- reaching approximately 75 children total.

3. Abigail King presented an hour long presentation on local waterways at the Northeast Indiana Green Living Fair in Grabill.

D. Recognition for our work in 2011

1.  “Save Maumee Organization of the Year 2011”
Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC) chose Save Maumee as Indiana’s “Organization of the Year” and presented the award to the group at the “4th Annual Greening the Statehouse Forum” at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. Here is the full story on why Save Maumee was chosen for these accolades.

Video to commemorate Save Maumee success in 2011 

E. The Accomplishments Continue through the years!

  • maintains an email list of over 10,000 local and regional people
  • maintains social media of: Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Website
  • provides an annual newsletter to provide printed and online information
  • provides press releases for coverage of issues and events
  • attends meetings related to watershed currently: Upper Maumee Watershed Partnership, Friends of the Rivers, Heartland Communities Inc., Maumee River Basin Commission, Allen County Drainage Board, Maumee Valley Heritage Corridor
  • coordinates national efforts regarding Clean Water Week for Great Lakes Days in Washington D.C. from 2008-2012 – scholar sponsorship provided by Healing our Water & Great Lakes Commission
  • reviews proposed legislation and explains bills to the public
  • organizes fun-raisers to raise money for our three free annual events
  • communicates & maintains solid, positive relationships with government, activists, media, public and other clean water leaders
  • maintains a realistic, honest, urgent yet positive message