Adding to water improvements/detriments

nutrient management
Septics & System maintence
CSO’s / SSO’s – Long Term Control Plans
Development / Construction
2 stage ditches
Cost Share Programs
Upper Maumee Watershed Management Plans – to be released to the public in April 2014
Urban Runoff
Point Source issues: NPDES, 401 Certifications, 404 Certifications, brownfields, LUST’s
Rural Runoff
Safety of recreation
tree & vegetation removal v/s vista clearings
Land Use
Invasive flora  -plants/trees in the area that are not indigenous
Invasive fauna – animal life, silver Asian carp,  Canada geese
Public Access to the Maumee

How to restore the ecological functions of the Maumee by looking at:

RIP RAP – Boulders – straighten & move water faster


Show how we fit into watershed management plan (unique skills, riverbank restoration, niche we  fill, goal related to niche, hands on projects, working at odds with city & ACE)

Need to move up to policy so everyone understands what is happening and insert us into the process


How will the Maumee be saved?

Fort Wayne = city that saved itself
Reintroduce Gar, Sturgeon

Public most excited about use!

Flooding / Floodplain

USGS & Maumee Basin Commission

How are reduction flows are being reduced?

Why are flooding areas increasing and changing so often?

How are floodplains being reconnected to increased flood storage?

Are there plans for increased percentages of buffer strips along waterways? How?

How are you going reduce temperature of water to keep Dissolved Oxygen at healthy levels.

How do we reduce erosion/sedimentation if that is the largest contaminant in the country and in our water.

Is it necessary to create increased cover to improve habitat.

How are you going to eliminate barriers to fish and wildlife passage; we want fish ladders at Hosey Dam, St. Joe Dam.

areas of focus for the study include land use; engineering and infrastructure investment; environmental and ecological issues; watershed and flooding issues; connectivity to trails, downtown and nearby neighborhoods; access to the river; retail; entertainment; and housing

Describe what ecosystem management IS?

Hydrologist could tell what could be done differently