Save Maumee’s Members Meeting

Annual Member’s Meeting:
MONDAY November 7, 2016

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Save Maumee Grassroots Organization 3rd Annual Members Meeting

Please join us:

DATE: Monday, November 7, 2016
TIME: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Don Hall’s Gas House, 305 E. Superior St., Fort Wayne, IN

2016 Members Meeting:

5:45-6:10 cash bar & free tea and coffee will be served

6:10  Call to Order Abigail King, Vice President to report the progress of our Riparian Buffer Initiative! This was the first year ever that Save Maumee had received federal grant support! We want to tell you all about how we are implementing the Upper Maumee Watershed Management Plan!

6:15  Revealing Phase II of our Riparian Buffer Initiative with our October 2016 approved Federal Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant of $100,000 to support our work through Spring of 2018!

6:30 Other Save Maumee accomplishments and call to action
6:45  Dinner catered by Don Hall’s

7:00 Key note speakers: Bowden Quinn, Chapter Director, Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter and Megan Anderson, Associate Organizing Representative for the Indiana Beyond Coal Campaign, Sierra Club. Bowden Quinn will discuss the Maumee basin’s current effort to reduce phosphorus in the Maumee watershed by 40 percent by 2025 with inside information as a member of an advisory group working with IDEM on its Domestic Action Plan to achieve that goal. He will also lead into the effects of coal on water quality, and his experiences across the state of Indiana supporting communities impacted by coal pollution and poor water quality. Megan Anderson will discuss the local campaign in Fort Wayne to move the AEP-Rockport coal plant, on a path toward retirement and how we can truly clean up our waterways and our air by powering the city with renewable energy including solar, wind and energy efficiency.  She will discuss how to develop strategic campaigns around issues to recruit and develop volunteer leaders that build community and organize with purpose. More information at

Upon keynote parting comments – President will present motions for Board of Trustees and call a vote.
Adjourn 8pm

This evening is a good ol’ Maumee River way to thank you!  You, and people like you have made our work successful through broad base support and 100% volunteer hours!  We want to see you!  We want to meet you!

2015 Members Meeting

5:45-6:10 cash bar & free tea and coffee will be served
Vice President Abigail King to Introduce President Lydia Lamont & Secretary Member Vote
6:15   Save Maumee accomplishments
6:30  Dinner catered by Don Hall’s
7:00  Dr. Robert Gillespie, Associate Professor at IPFW, will help answer questions about trends (St. Joe) and potential effects (three rivers) of water quality.
7:45  Cake will be served by Ryan J. Bailey and….Video Premiere from Save Maumee’s 9 day 141 mile canoe trip:

The Maumee Matters
A glimpse into the beauty and horrors of the Maumee River.  Launching from Junk Ditch the platoon sailed all the way to Lake Erie after launching from the very top of the continental divide, totaling 141 miles.  The land crew feeds, moves and offers communication to the canoe crew.  Sleeping on riverbanks, logging pictures and coordinates of problems, and offering solutions, like only Save Maumee can. ~ Justinian Dispenza Filmmaker



2014 Members Meeting

 Memorial Park Pavilion off Maumee and Glasgow Avenue, 46803

  • 5:30-6pm     Ballots will be explained when you arrive
  • 6 pm              President to introduce Organization & Board Members
    Vice Presidential welcome
    Vote on proposed by-law amendment
    Vote in Board of Trustees for 2015-2016 Calendar Year
  • 6:30               Break for Dinner
  •                         Keynote Speaker – Scott Singer *
  •                         Watershed Management Plan Discussion
  •                         Questions & Answers
  • 8pm               Adjourn

Upon completion of our 1st Official Member Meeting, music, laughs and good time elbow-rubbing : Conclude ~ 9pm

  • Save Maumee Members and their families are encouraged to attend and vote!
  • Please bring others who are interested in becoming a Member and furthering our purpose! This evening will be a great time to invite your friends, family and coworkers, who have shown interest in our river work! Tell them to bring their cash and checkbooks, because this is a MEMBERS ONLY affair!
  • Save Maumee will FEED your body and ENERGIZE your mind with  inspiration. On this evening, delicious FOOD will offer a healthy variety of local options for the carnivore, vegetarian or vegan lover in you.  Catered by Don Hall’s Triangle Park and volunteers.
  • SMGO Inc. will be offering this event free of cost to our 2014 Current Members, so BECOME A MEMBER TODAY!  As we move forward in the coming years, we will utilize our Annual Member Meeting as fundraising event to support our mission, and fund projects for hands-on learning and outreach. Our future educational programs will be directed towards implementation of the Upper Maumee Watershed Management Plan, which will complete our purpose:  To Save the Maumee River.

Keynote Speaker – Scott Singer * 

  • Grew up on a medium-sized family farm in Defiance County, Ohio (Upper Maumee Watershed)
  • Attended Ohio State University
  • Graduated with a degree in natural resource management with a focus on wildlife
  • Worked seasonally for the Ohio Division of Wildlife
  • Worked with the USDA as a wildlife biologist in Pennsylvania,
  • Spent 12 years doing private land management around Farm Bill programs, in Pennsylvania
  • In 2012 Mr. Singer and his family moved back to Northwest Ohio to succeed in the management and preservation of the family farm
  • Scott, “lives to spend time with my wife Stephanie and three children, Reed, Savanna, Ayla.”

1) The proposed Amendment to Article V of Save Maumee Grassroots Organization’s By-Laws to include staggering terms for Board Members.  Board Members will serve two-year terms and elections will be held on a bi-annual basis, with half of the existing Board Member positions coming up for (re)election each year, with the exception of the Treasurer who will serve a three-year term.

2) The Board of Trustees’ nominations for Election:
Lydia LaMont                Celia Garza                  N. Zack Doctor                   Ryan Bailey

Warm Regards this Fall Season!

YOU helped us to achieve IRS status as a charitable, 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization through your purchase of an annual membership!

                                                                                                        SMGO Inc. Board of Trustees

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