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Earth Day 2010 in the news

Celebrate River Lovers!  LOOK what you have done for our 5th Annual Earth Day 2010 on the Maumee River! The benthos community thanks you!   TOTAL TRASH REMOVED FROM OUR WATERWAYS TO DATE: 8.5 TONS!!!!   TRULY, THANK YOU!  This work could not be accomplished without YOU!  Sunday April 18th,  2010 we had 267 official count of volunteers that worked so hard!  EVERYONE who works for Save Maumee Grassroots Organization and your rivers, do not receive any compensation of any kind.  100% of donations go to the expensive restoration technique materials.   YOU planted 3 acres worth of native riparian DNR approved seed underneath 1,000 sq ft. of erosion control mats and other barren areas to reduce erosion/sedimentation.     TREE PLANTING RECORD THIS YEAR!  – 60 River Birch, 40 Burr Oak, 50 Red Oak, 20 Pin Oak, 20 Swamp Oak and over 1,000 Weeping Willow Poles and Corkscrew Willow Poles!  Total tree count for this one day: 1,090 TREES This Earth Day brings the total to just fewer than 2,000 trees planted on your waterways!   YOU planted over 300 native plant plugs (previously started seedlings)! These retain deep tap roots that hold them in place when the area floods.

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