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Save Maumee's Response to Attack on the Environment

This is the letter to the editor in response to Terry Smith from Columbia City’s piece. (below) Written May 11, 2010 —————————- Indiana is 94% reliant on coal-fired power.  Yes, energy independence from the burning of fossil fuels is a must.  If rolling black outs are a fear, consider putting a solar or wind powered system on your home and receive reimbursement for your investment on next years taxes and watch the savings add up over the lifetime of the house.  In In the 1970’s Germany had concerns about energy security concerns and began research and development. “A federal Electricity Feed Law (StrEG) was adopted in 1991 and became the most important instrument for the promotion of renewable energy in Germany during the 1990s. It obligated public utilities to purchase renewably-generated power from wind, solar, hydro, biomass and landfill gas sources, on a yearly fixed rate basis, based on utilities’ average revenue per kWh. Remuneration to wind producers was set at 90% of the average retail electricity rate; for other renewable power providers, compensation was set at 65-80%, depending on plant size, with smaller plants receiving the higher subsidy level. The StrEG effectively subsidized the operation of commercial wind installations

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Primary's over…election to come

So politics are directly related to water issues….who gets the money and what issues will be addressed and which ones take priority?  Here is the 2009 Indiana State Senator Listing by District. (updated 3-25-10) Click on one to see the 1. District of your Senator 2. First / Last Name 3. Party 4. Office Phone Number 5. Email Address 6. City Represented (or surrounding areas) 7. Total campaign contributions that legislators accepted from Utility, Coal, Oil, or Railroad Corporations ( 8. 2008-2010 Average Percentage of Pro-Consumer Voting (v/s voting big business) I thought you may want to know who should get the votes!

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