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IDEM Public Comment Letter for Steel Dynamics Inc. new copper plant

September 19, 2011 This letter is to be included for the public comment period on SDI LaFarga, LLC’s air permit #003-30250-00384 We believe there is a compliance violation with Steel Dynamics’ operation at Superior Aluminum located on 14214 Edgerton rd. (326 IAC 6-4 Rule on Fugitive Dust).  We can provide video evidence to both the EPA and IDEM to prove the need for an investigation.  IDEM referred us to information about current and expected air pollution levels at and directed us towards a map of the air quality monitors around the area. After digging for a time, I was unable to locate a map that showed anything but the monitors around nation. It is difficult to tell if the ones in our area are located in Allen County, IN.  Our area of concern is around Edgerton, Ryan, Dawkins, Bruick, Harper, Roussey, Bremer, Berthauld, Webster, Parent, Slusher Roads, and US 24.   In the 326 IAC 2-1.1-5 it reads. The commissioner shall not issue a registration, permit, modification approval, or operating permit revision: (1)   would allow a source to cause or contribute to a violation of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards; (2)   would allow a violation of a PSD

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Citizens' Questions that NEED to be Answered

On September 15th, 2011 IDEM held a public meeting to address the air permits being issued for Steel Dynamics Inc. 59 people were in attendance and spoke of fear of pollution from Superior Aluminum, and did not want to have air permits approved for the new LaFarga copper plant. We have included the questions (below are citizens’ questions) that were NOT answered during this 4 hour meeting and we are requesting they are answered for the health of the public OR deny SDI’s air permit request.  AIR Who will watchdog any monitors that are placed? How often will they be monitored? (heavy metals, particulate matter, ) How are we to be assured that SDI will conform to the Federal Clean Air Act?   If these regulations are not followed, what is the consequence to the business? What fines are associated with non-compliance? public hearing/ legal action / law suit applicable? If a fine were levied, where would the money go? Can we test the air now BEFORE this plant goes up and then AFTER the plant is in operation if air permit is granted? (benchmark) If there is something in existence of what is upwind and downwind to monitor the

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JOIN US for FREE River Loving FUN!

Upcoming Events:    ALL events are rain or shine ~ SATURDAY ~ September 17, 2011-  Save Maumee’s 4th Annual Canoe Clean Up, Can YOU Clean Up?  11am- 4pm Free canoes for the day at Fort Wayne Outfitters Bike Depot with ID.  Spend a fun day with family and friends on the river cleaning up and educating yourself! First come first serve Canoe Clean-Up Details HERE SATURDAY ~ October 22nd, 2011- Save Maumee’s 3rd Annual Seed Harvest at Fox Island Nature Preserve 1pm – 4pm, Come pick seeds that we will plant on our riverbanks for Earth Day 2012  Seed Harvest Details HERE Friday Sept. 30th and Saturday Oct. 1st.  ~ Northeastern Indiana Sustainable Living Fair and Market held downtown Grabill, IN Free attendance and if you would like to be a vendor or speaker please contact Julia Gorrell at or 260-418-0071 Friday Sept. 30th, Save Maumee’s Founder will be speaking~exact time will be updated the website here! Other Recent Events: **Save Maumee Grassroots Org. appreciates the recreational fun on the St. Joseph and St. Mary’s thanks to Friends of the River!  In 2011 Three Rivers Festival had its first local river event since I attended Northrop High School.  Progress is

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