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Native Plants $ Trees Save Maumee has planted, 2016 to 2018

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Save Maumee 2018 Informational Brochure

Save Maumee Informational Brochure 2018

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Support selective removal of invasive plants

SAVE MAUMEE GRASSROOTS ORGANIZATION·TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2018 Diversity is Earth’s antibiotic. The new forestry technique is to remove the invasive species in wild areas, and the natives will return.  One does not even have to plant any other plants (although it helps)!  To have the natives return, one just needs to remove the plants that do not belong and nature will take care of the rest! Humans have introduced these non-natives and it will take humans to help get them under control. The native species are better adapted to our climate and have longer taproots to live through drought of flood.  They have adapted over millions of years and this will help keep them hardy and help them to make it through stress caused by climate changes.  Animals in the specific region go hand-in-hand with the plants and have also taken a million years (or so) to adapt and become dependent on the native food sources and habitat these native species of plants provide.  Invasive species are not suitable to our local adapted wildlife.  Be selective in your removal though, because different species of plants should be identified and categorized differently…for example: * Natives – desirable and present previous to

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