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Comments for City Utilities Orthophosphate use to reduce lead in pipes

Allen County IDEM comment period is now through December 17, 2018 for permitting in the Orthophosphate Pilot Project at the Fort Wayne Water Filtration Plant.   Save Maumee Member, Daniel Bennett Ph.D. dug into this a bit, and explains, “I looked for recent orthophosphate references from Fort Wayne Utilities and saw this letter they put out earlier this month and discusses elevated lead results from this Summer.” Fort Wayne City Utilities tested 70 local homes, and 8 of those 70 had higher than recommended levels of lead.  The letter continues on describing the dangers of lead in water, what homeowners should do, and what Fort Wayne is doing about it.  For The City’s own response, they write: Fort Wayne employs pH and alkalinity adjustment to control corrosion. Over the years this treatment has proven to be effective. Currently the utility is in process of evaluating addition of orthophosphate to the water to improve corrosion control. So based on the timing of the permit, Dr. Bennett is assuming that the ”Orthophosphate Pilot Project” is a direct response to these poor lead tests.  The purpose of the added orthophosphate then, in this case, is to act as “corrosion inhibitor” in

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Contagious Community inspire by example, teach my sharing, grow through collaboration

January 19, 2014 by Jessica Sedge - Contagious Communities     “It can’t be political” was the exact comment that I made to my friend Abby King when we discussed the nuances of doing a blog piece regarding her nonprofit organization. Her response was this: “Water is life. It does not recognize politics, democrats and republicans.” And so the blog lives.  Save Maumee is a grassroots, 100% volunteer organization that originated in Fort Wayne, Indiana around the year 2001. King had just purchased a home near the Maumee River and quickly discovered that our rivers were contaminated. “When I asked people what they were contaminated with, no one even knew” says King. So she did exactly what we advocate at Contagious Community and became an agent for positive change. Save Maumee continues to thrive and promote activism, awareness, and (albeit quasi-political) to lobby for legal intervention into the safety and sustainability of our water sources. The organization has become active in Congress (our own Fort Wayne people are affecting the Federal level of government).  They recently educated members of Congress on the downside to widespread vegetation removal around rivers, which was occurring in Fort Wayne. According to King, the organization has made significantRead more