As you may know, Steuben County passed an ordinance to protect their lakes by restricting the use of phosphorus fertilizer.  They were subsequently told that they did not have the authority to enact this ordinance unless they obtained a waiver from the State Chemist’s office.  After much discussion intended to discourage them, they applied for a waiver.  The state chemist had to invent a process. Steuben County presented a great deal of information about the impact of phosphorus on their lakes, but the state chemist has just announced their decision to deny the waiver request.  SEE IT HERE: final-deter-state-chem.jpg

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Basically Steuben County does not have the authority to protect its waterways!

I’d say its time to do away with the State Chemist’s pre-emptive authority AND pursue statewide restrictions on phosphorus fertilizer.

Rae Schnapp – Water Keeper Alliance