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Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Survey Comments

The Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department is conducting a Community Needs Assessment Survey   The Survey is being conducted to gather crucial feedback about parks, facilities and programs offered to Fort Wayne citizens. A randomly selected group of citizens will receive or have already received a questionnaire in the mail, which can be completed and mailed back in an included postage-paid envelope, or can be completed online following included instructions. To ensure a comprehensive result, those who received Needs Assessment questionnaires are encouraged to complete the survey, even if they do not use most or any Parks and Recreation services. Citizen feedback is vital to the strategic planning efforts of the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department, and citizens can participate even if they did not receive a survey in the mail. Save Maumee is requesting you share feedback on this survey by clicking on this link: Here are a few comments submitted, regarding the survey. CLICK TO READ SAVE MAUMEE’S ENTIRE COMMENTS HERE Read more

Put-In Bay – an all inclusive day on the Lake!

Put-In-Bay A Day on the Lake September 20, 2013 2013 Bus trip Brochure This is a very fun and educational bus trip to Put-in-Bay, where we will be treated to a tour of the newly-remodeled Ohio State University Water Quality Lab. After the tour we will then board the research vessels for an informative, hands-on cruise of Lake Erie. You will also have the opportunity to explore and enjoy lunch on the island. This is an opportunity for Ag Retailers, Producers and concerned Citizens to learn about the ongoing research at OSU’s Stone Lab. These programs & projects are helping to identify the causes of the harmful algal blooms and invasive species in Lake Erie. Phosphorus fertilizer is the limiting factor in the proliferation of the algae $20 / person Please send check to : Allen SWCD 3718 New Vision Drive Fort Wayne, IN 46845 Contact us: 260-484-5848 ext. 3 Or Email us at 6:15 AM Board Bus at Meijer 10301 SR 37, Ft. Wayne,IN 46835 * Juice and rolls served * 6:30 AM Bus departs from Meijer 9:30 AM Depart Catawba Island via Miller Ferry to Put-In-Bay 5174 E. Water St., Port Clinton, OH 43452 10:00 AM Island

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  2013 Earth Day Flier EARTH DAY is Sunday April 21st from 11am-4pm Map here for all the FUN on Earth Day! Our social media outreach and updates have been sparse since my loving father AND our webguy, Brad Frost is very ill with cancer. FIND ALL THE INFO ABOUT EARTH DAY HERE! For more updates on a regular basis….check out our FACEBOOK! Call if you need anything or would like to participate! Abby 260.417.2500 EMAIL: Abby@SaveMaumee.Org

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Fun Events & Information

Happy Harvest Season! UPCOMING Lake Erie Waterkeeper, Save Maumee FUN STUFF! Before Winter weather sets-in and we update the whole website (not so fun)! TODAY ~ SATURDAY OCTOBER 20, 2012 our 4th Annual Seed Harvest at Little River Wetlands Project from 1pm-4pm    Rain or Shine Exact Location & Details HERE – Apologies for not sending earlier…we are STILL 100% volunteers and doin’ the work! Lake Erie Waterkeeper, Save Maumee ECOWALK – Tuesday November 6th at 4pm.  So go out and vote…then come to 1901 Niagara Dr. Fort Wayne, IN – to finish planting some of our hundreds of native plant plug and tree donations!  See our past pictures from EcoWalks 1st Monday of EVERY month at Hall’s Gas House from 7-8:30 Lake Erie Waterkeeper, Save Maumee Meetings – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – November 5th is the next meeting, 305 E. Superior St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802. Maumee Valley Heritage Corridor invites you to “The Future of History, Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Community in the Maumee Valley” Saturday November 12, 2012 from 9:30am-2pm in Woodburn. The keynote speaker will be Canadian Consul General, Roy Norton.  Abigail King will be presenting “How’s the Water? Common environmental issues along the entire Maumee River,”  along with many other presenters and lunch. To register contact Angie Quinn 260.450.2057 or

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Stewards of the Three Rivers of Fort Wayne

Abstract Stewards of the Three Rivers of Fort Wayne: By Rhonda Ladig Moxter The Interaction of Government, Quasigovernment, and Nonprofit Organizations In the pageant The Glorious Gateway of the West (Rice, 1916) celebrating the centennial of the state of Indiana, the prologue of the first scene discusses the magic that the three rivers of present day Fort Wayne meant to the native people.  In the prologue the pageant opens with a native musing, “Sacred this place.  For untold ages, long lost in the nameless years, my people came with ancient rites where these three rivers run under the shining sky” (p. 19).   Since the time before Fort Wayne was a city, with native peoples and settlers, the three rivers have been fought over as a source of food, water, transportation, business, and agriculture.  The battle over these rivers continues today, and the topics have changed surprisingly little.  But, though the circumstances have changed and the fight is just as passionate.  Many groups and organizations have an interest in the health and well-being of Fort Wayne’s three famous waterways.  Local government plays a huge role in the decisions over how the waters of our river can be used by businesses and

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Save Maumee's 6th Annual Earth Day Celebration

~ Save Maumee’s 6th Annual Earth Day 2011 ~ SUNDAY April 17 ~ WE are here for the cause….CLEANER WATERWAYS AND AWARNESS ~ 11AM – 4PM ~ All Ages ~ Rain or Shine ~  Action & Education ~ Seed Planting & Large Scale Erosion Control Project ~ Free Fun Open-Non House…working on improving your rivers with only citizen sponsorship and 100% volunteers since 2005!  Looking for your back muscles! See where to find the Earth Day fun CLICK HERE: **Sign in and REGISTER FIRST and listen/read any information being presented about your rivers in Indiana – please sign the liability waiver, or you cannot participate.  (just keeping the lawyers happy :))Save Maumee Grassroots Organization is dedicated to raising awareness about the conditions of the 3 Rivers in Fort Wayne, Indiana while facilitating ecosystem restoration projects; ultimately repairing and improving the St. Joseph, St. Mary and Maumee Rivers. Revitalizing the St. Joe/Maumee Watershed will protect and restore the environment, while improving the economic, aesthetic and recreational value.  We are organizing hypothesis driven restoration projects, which place a high priority on monitoring, developing and restoring rivers with a positive environmental impact. Research into historical importance of our navigable waterways and current pollution

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How does planting trees and grasses help?

     Siltation/erosion/sedimentation is the #1 pollutant in our watershed.  The grasses will help to settle out suspended sediment in the water to help hold down the soil that could be washed away because there is nothing to hold down the barren soil when the water comes rushing down during a rain event.        Grasses filtrate sediment by holding water for a longer period of time so the sediment settles to the bottom instead of traveling downstream.        Removal of nutrients from the water before it passes downstream.          Plants produce enzymes which will absorb and “eat” bacteria         Natural removal of chemical pollutants like fertilizers and waste materials removes nitrogen, phosphorous and toxins from surface water.         Creating more shade will help to create Dissolved Oxygen that is needed in the water for fish and other wildlife to “breathe.”         Floods problems can be alleviated – grassy knolls and trees can capture, store and slowly release water over a longer period of time         Protect shorelines through reduction of destructive energy from fast moving/ rising water         Alleviate pools of standing, stagnant water so West Nile will not have the opportunity to

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Information at your fingertips:

  How to Define “Safe” Water : Indiana Infrastructure gets a D+ for Drinking Water: Passing this along from Maraiah at the FW Childrens’ Zoo.  Did you see the article in the Journal-Gazette on Tuesday 9/21?  If you are up for turtle cleaning in Michigan, the hotline number is 1-800-306-6837.  The (unpaid) volunteers from the zoo could probably use some help after these several weeks of cleaning oily turtles.  Call hotline number for training & volunteering. See how activists are moving forward in the court with EPA policy. …AND pollutant specific limits in EPA law here: PB not done cleaning up Hammond, Indiana Spill from August17th GOOD NEWS! Hoosier Hog Farm Receives Environmental Award Some fear Carp worse than Oil Spill Searched DNR Fish & Wildlife for Lake and River Enhancements and this is the only report found – Soil from the Maplecrest extension road ending up in your river…and you are paying for it twice?  Before ground was broken on this land, it HAD to have an erosion control plan, so why will it cost an addition $20,000 to remediate something that was required from the beginning? Reported on August 9,

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