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Celia Garza, Board Secretary

Where are all the trees? ~ It’s not JUST the Emerald ash borer destroying natural habitat. The Army Corp of Engineers follows the “Guidelines for landscape planting and vegetation management at levees, floodwalls, embankment dams and appurtenant structures (ETL 1110-2-571)” when deciding what trees and plants to remove [on levees]. Downtown Fort Wayne has 8 miles of “downtown river front development” and 10.5 miles of levees next to our rivers. If you have any questions or are concerned with the removal of our natural resources, trees and plants, please contact the following City of Fort Wayne and other government employees:   FORT WAYNE, INDIANA ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEER LEVEES (Detroit District) – CLICK MAP TO ENLARGE 10.5 miles are maintained by a non-federal agency/municipality = City of Fort Wayne Board of Public Works #1   Tina Kowitz, P.E Levee Safety Program Manager Geotech & Structures Branch U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District ph: (313) 226-6719 cell: (313) 244-6283 #2   Board of Public Works Bob Kennedy – Manager (260) 427-2693 Shan Gunawardena – Engineer (260) 427-1172 City of Fort Wayne Citizens Square Bldg. 2nd Floor (260) 427-1112 #3  Federal Senator Dan Coats Legislative Assistants: Paige Hallen Casey Murphy Kate Taylor 493 Russell

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Steering Committee Chair Discusses Levee Maintenance

Save Maumee wants to talk openly with city officials, and with the taxpayers, about our waterways and the cause & effect of current practices relating to land use and water quality. The water we speak of is the same water we drink, bathe our children in, water our gardens with, and live alongside. It is our greatest natural resource. Recently, the city hired a tree service to remove vegetation along the Niagara Levee (the same area Save Maumee has been repairing since 2005) for a levee inspection in December 2012. Conversations with Flood Control Supervisor Cathy Burleson revealed that the Army Corps of Engineers required much of this removal in their levee regulations that came as a result of Hurricane Katrina. She stated that she did not want to cut the trees down, ACE regulations required her to do so. Burleson also mentioned that there are 10.5 miles of levees that the City of Fort Wayne, Board of Public Works, are responsible for maintaining. Walk the River Greenway along Edgewater Avenue or Spy Run and you can see that definition of maintenance ~ removal of all trees and vegetation with the installation of rip rap. One small portion of Edgewater was developed

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