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2017 MONDAY Monthly Meeting Date for the Public is December 4.  Meetings are almost always the the first Monday of every month. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC OF COURSE.


Past Meeting Agendas:
October 2, 2017 

I. Call to Order 7pm –  President
II. Membership acknowledgement (Member Information Link HERE)
III. Interest pieces
A. Sierra Club – Johnny Appleseed & Save Maumee COMMENTS: Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, [Indiana] Domestic Action Plan for the Western Lake Erie Basin
B. HEC partnership
IV. Drainage Board Meeting where we discussed the need for vegetation on ONE SIDE OF DRAINS:
A. Schedule a Board Meeting
B. Deetz Nature Preserve project: Oct. 14 & 15, 2017. Riparian Buffer Initiative
C. Invasive removal update for Deetz

VI. Old Business
A. Member Meeting: Scheduled for November 6
B. Canoe Clean Up success
C. Fundraising Committee for February 17, 2018 ~ “A Bizarre Evening on the Maumee River”  Location: inside Tech Venture 1550 Griffin St, Fort Wayne, IN 46803 (south side of Tecumseh Street Bridge – turn east onto Herbert Street, then follow the road to the right and park in front of the sand volleyball courts.
Fun House, garage sale, Belly Dancing, Henna, raffle, photo booth, meal tickets, desert sculpture
D. Six Mile Creek Strategy with ACDB for April 2018 project

adjourn at 8:30pm

September 11, 2017 AGENDA
Call to Order: 7pm President
UPCOMING EVENTS: IF it’s underlined it is hyperlinked

A.  10th Annual Canoe Clean-Up, Can YOU Clean-Up?
~Saturday September 9, 2017~ Cass Street (off Wells Street)
*THANKS TO: Fort Wayne Outfitters Bike Depot, Food NOT Bombs, Old Crown Coffee, Fort Wayne Harley Davidson, Brad Mottinger, Hall’s Triangle Park

B. INVASIVE REMOVAL Sept. 25, 26, 29,30 and Oct 2 – DEETZ NATURE PRESERVE, Parrott Road, New Haven/Fort Wayne
Monday September 25 – 11am-6pm
Tuesday September 26 – 11am-6pm
Friday September 29 – 11am-6pm
Saturday September 30 – WHEN DO YOU WANT TO DO IT?
Monday October 2 – 11am-6pm THEN MONDAY MONTHLY MEETING ON OCTOBER 2 – 7-8:30
Thursday October 12, 2017 TREES WILL BE DELIVERED TO DEETZ

*PARKING WILL BE TIGHT, Lauren asking neighbors if we can park near
*Will need reusable water bottles before the 3 day tree planting – Celia Renaissance Point, Alissa YMCA
*Need secure dates for sections stations – see map

C. 10th Annual Seed Harvest
~Saturday October 7, 2017~
NOON-4pm at Eagle Marsh, LRWP

D. Planting 380 Trees over 2 Days
~Saturday October 14, 2017~
~Sunday October 15, 2017~

STATIONS: Jain Young – “How to plant a tree”, Alissa Hart – Welcome, Lydia LaMont – Satellite, Jennie Nicklin – Section 1, Ellen Bauman – Section 2, Section 3__________, Abigail King – Section 4, Inri McKeithan – Section 5 ,                             Celia Garza – Section 6, Lauren Conklin – Section 7
*need help Lauren? “public welcome” sign made (steel ground signs)
*make sure to tell them to pick up trash on their way IN AND OUT ~THANKS
*PARKING WILL BE TIGHT – Lauren to check on parking on Parrott Road business owner property diagonally opposite to Deetz parking lot.

E. ~MONDAY NOVEMBER 6th, 2017~ click on link for to INVITE  YOUR FRIENDS!
Members Only – $25 is Annual Individual Membership ($10 for students and senior membership)
6pm-8pm…but you can purchase your annual membership at the door!
* Review of documents for Member Meeting & SEND – VP
*Member recognition for Aug/Sept. 2017 – Jain+Celia to meet
*Alissa to order cake with Ben or Jake Hall & send out invitation to members
*Celia to secure keynote speaker
*Invite your friends to become a member or click here:

F. Fundraising Committee for February 17, 2018 ~ “A Bizarre Evening on the Maumee River”  Location: inside Tech Venture 1550 Griffin St, Fort Wayne, IN 46803 (south side of Tecumseh Street Bridge – turn east onto Herbert Street, then follow the road to the right and park in front of the sand volleyball courts.
Fun House, garage sale, Belly Dancing, Henna, raffle, photo booth, meal tickets, desert sculpture

G. Six Mile Creek Strategy with ACDB for April 2018 project
*& Related Sierra Club/HEC comments:
HEC will do the heavy lifting, but would like Save Maumee’s feedback on the content of the workshop (i.e what topics would you specifically like to see covered relating to CAFOs?) and assistance getting the word out to your membership and the community at large!

We are looking at hosting the workshop in Whitely County either 10/21 or 10/28, but would like to include information relevant to Allen County and advertise the event heavily there. That said, if you have any suggestions for a venue in either Allen or Whitely Co, I would be happy to hear them.
I’ve attached our “Stemming the Tide of Pollution from CAFOs” document that was used at a recent workshop in Bartholomew County — we will be changing this to be more relevant to Allen? Whitely Counties. Let me know if you have any questions
Michael Popa
Program and Outreach Associate
Hoosier Environmental Council
Cell: (317) 385-9702

*Solar Initiative – Celia, Solarize Fort Wayne – Indiana?
* Defiance College Land to Lakes Conference Thursday August 28, 2017

*November 18, 2017 State Environmental Leaders Conference, MN

*Celia’s group at IPFW received award for Allen County 3 R’s Waste Reduction Award and she has been running NE Indiana Sierra Club Network. Volunteers needed for Johnny Appleseed Festival recycling initiative.

*Access Fort Wayne now to cover the Allen County Drainage Board Meetings via August 24th meeting with Allen County Drainage Board

*Save Maumee comments made to the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

*Riverfront Development made this statement about riparian buffers! and their Riparian Buffer Plan is a link on this page!

August 7 –  AGENDA 

I. Call to Order 7pm –  President
II. Membership acknowledgement (Member Information Link HERE)
III. Interest pieces
A. Can someone attend :Urban Forest Planning Adaption and Practices
B. Wednesday August 9, 2017 6-8 Great Tree Canopy Comeback Kickoff Mixer – Reserve by August 2nd to receive a free box dinner.
C. Celia – Energy Meeting THIS Saturday, ACPL Downtown, 6pm?
D. Abby to speak at Democratic Breakfast, August 12 at 8:30am 7301 Decatur Rd. (corner of Tillman & Decatur Rd)
IV. Drainage Board Meeting where we discussed the need for vegetation on ONE SIDE OF DRAINS:
A. Schedule a Board Meeting
V. Deetz Nature Preserve project public date in October. Riparian Buffer Initiative
A. Date to start invasive removal, after September
VI. Canoe Clean Up PAGE HERE
Old Business
VII. Environmental Advocate Training-August 12 (2pm-9pm) Facebook Invite here
VIII. Member Meeting: Scheduled for November 6 – Need Committee & Keynote

June 5, 2017 AGENDA 

I. Call to Order 7pm –  President
II. Membership acknowledgement ( Member Information Link HERE)
III. Interest pieces
IV. Riparian Buffer Initiative
A. UPDATED & COMPLETED: Trier Ditch complete plan set updated
    1. Lessons learned from Trier Ditch project 
B. New site location for Bullerman, October date to be set
C. Upper Maumee Watershed Partnership Meeting
D. Signage for Trier Ditch Projects: Moser & Heatherwood
A. Pedal, Paddle, Play JUNE 10, 2017 (SATURDAY)   –
B. Riverfront Gathering JUNE 23,24,25 – Defiance Ohio
C. The Peoples Summit – JUNE 9, 10, 11 Chicago, IL –
D. May have to cancel September 9 – Save Maumee Canoe Clean Up, July 1st FWOBD on Cass St. entire area may be closed due to Riverfront Development fencing.


May 1, 2017 AGENDA 

I. Call to Order 7pm –  President
II. Membership acknowledgement (Member Information Link HERE)
III. Interest pieces
IV. Riparian Buffer Initiative Updates from Earth Day
V. NEW Entire Riparian Buffer: Printer Pairs
Trier Ditch draft plan set – Section Leaders
B. Earth Day PDF
April 3, 2017 Agenda

I. Call to Order 7pm –  President
II. Membership acknowledgement (Member Information Link HERE)
III. Interest pieces
IV. Riparian Buffer Initiative Updates
A. DRAFT DESIGN SPECS  Trier Ditch draft plan set – Section Leaders
B. Earth Day PDF
C. The Bands
D. Vendors/Science March 10am April 22

March 6, 2017 Agenda:

I. Call to Order 7pm –  President
II. Membership acknowledgement -Member Information Link HERE)
III. Interest pieces
A. REGISTER for KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM: with Save Maumee Grassroots Organization Inc. by registering online:  Be sure to have your Kroger Plus card handy and register your card with your organization for us to receive a portion of money from Kroger!

IV. Riparian Buffer Initiative Updates
Earth Day PDF

February 6, 2017 Monday Monthly Meeting Agenda 

I. Call to Order 7pm –  President
II. Membership acknowledgement (Member Information Link HERE)
III. Interest pieces
A. REGISTER for KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM: with Save Maumee Grassroots Organization Inc. by registering online:  Be sure to have your Kroger Plus card handy and register your card with your organization for us to receive a portion of money from Kroger!

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    B. Please share your pics with Blue Roots Project (Dec. 2016 meeting)
C. Registration for DNR Tree Steward Program
D. Hoosier Environmental Council, Amanda Shepherd wants to host Fort Wayne environmental advocate training; needs date and 20 people to attend.
IV.  Fundraising Committee Report for February 25, 2017  Fundraiser at The Phoenix, with Terry Ratliff Artisan LINK TO PURCHASE TICKETS HERE
A.    Advertising – WE NEED TO PRINT SOME MATERIAL – stickers, brochures, update print job to Riparian Buffer Initiative
V.   Riparian Buffer Initiative update for Trier & progress – Specific Trier Ditch Map windshield survey and
2016 Official Interim Report Submission.
A. NEED to secure more than one date for Earth Day.  April 22nd is a Saturday – we need one more full day of planting. – half day on Friday half day on Sunday – Earth Day Weekend
B. Trier Ditch site that we are partnering with New Haven Parks & Rec. and working with New Haven Department of Planning stated: “Regulated drains in Allen County generally have a 75′ maintenance easement on either side of the ditch for the purpose of removing brush, debris, etc. in order to facilitate proper drainage.  Perhaps their [Allen County] office would be willing to work in partnership with Save Maumee to help accomplish their goals. If you are looking for specific property owner information I would suggest looking at the county’s IMAP data viewer at

– ALMOST ALL are maintained by Allen County.

VI.   Member Reports
VII. New Business
adjourn: 8:30pm

To find your representative:  

It is important right now to call and write your elected officials on a range of reasons.  Call the ones who represent YOU! Here is the number: (202) 224-3121  IF you do not know what to say, write it before.  The person on the other end of the phone will want to know your NAME, ADDRESS and WHY you are calling .  Use a one liner like, “I would like to ask my representative [Jim Banks, Joe Donnelly, Todd Young] to deny Scott Pruitt’s nomination for the EPA because I do not think he is able to represent the office he has been nominated to serve.”   Then ask HOW THEY PLAN TO VOTE-ON the topic. I truly know it is frustrating with all the information floating around, but be diligent and watch closely one issue that matters to you and help to CHANGE IT! Doing one small act EVERYDAY, is always the goal! (instead of feeling helpless, watching on the sidelines).

HB 1026  – Save Maumee suggests OPPOSE this Bill
Roadside vegetation management. Requires the Indiana department of transportation to mow roadside vegetation a minimum number of times a year. Requires the first mowing of roadside vegetation in a calendar year to be performed when 50% of the vegetation in a sight line is 12″ in height.

INDOT currently performs statewide roadside vegetation management two times per year at a total cost of $8 M (or $4 M per mowing). As proposed, the state would be split in half at U.S. 40, with the northern part of the state being mowed four times per year (an increase of two times) and the southern part mowed six times per year (an increase of four times). In total, INDOT will perform an additional three statewide mowings per year. At $4 M per mowing, this bill is expected to increase State Highway Fund expenditures by $12 M per year for mowing. 

HB 1608 Maumee suggests you SUPPORT this Bill  Natural resource funding. Establishes additional fees for motor vehicle registration, and provides that the additional motor vehicle registration fees must be distributed to the: (1) clean water Indiana fund; and (2) President Benjamin Harrison conservation trust fund (conservation trust fund). Imposes, in certain situations, payments in lieu of taxes on properties purchased by the conservation trust fund.
Please considering emailing/calling your Representatives and ask they support.  Ask they consider co-authoring. Also please email these key legislators expressing your support.
Rep. Jim Arnold
Rep. Tim Brown
Rep. Gregory Porter

FYI on giveaway of state lands.  Ohio River is quite a ways from Ft. Wayne and the Maumee but there are precedents and this could spread to other rivers.
Ownership of banks of the Ohio River. Provides that in all places where the southern border of the state of Indiana, as determined according to the low water mark of the Ohio River as it was when Kentucky became a state in 1792, is coterminous with the banks of the Ohio River on the Indiana side of the Ohio River, the person or persons who hold title in fee simple to the land in Indiana adjoining the Ohio River are owners of the land all the way to the border of the state of Indiana. Provides that the state of Indiana, which owns the banks of all navigable waterways in Indiana up to the ordinary high watermark, relinquishes its ownership interest in the part of the banks of the Ohio River to the extent necessary to make the person or persons holding title in fee simple to the land adjoining the Ohio River owners of the land all the way to the border of the state of Indiana.
There was a precedence a few years ago the legislature passed a similar law giving the public beach (down to low water mark) to adjacent private landowners on Lake Michigan.  Where does this stop?  Conceivability this could be extended to all public water within the state like the Wabash River.  Might impact ability to float streams and jump shoot ducks.

A WIN!  For example, The Wilderness Society reporting a “win” because constituents called their elected officials! After political pressure, Rep. Chaffetz who introduced… and then withdrew his bill!  H.R. 621, would have allowed the sell off of 3.3 million acres of national public land in 10 western states. Citizens throughout the U.S. who treasure public lands expressed outrage about the bill and STOPPED IT!

Want to learn about leading issues facing Indiana’s environment with Hoosier Environmental Council?
There are no less than five upcoming events to get you up to speed!
1) February 6: Indianapolis – St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
2) February 8: West Lafayette – West Lafayette Public Library
3) February 9: Greencastle – Putnam County Public Library
4) February 11: Indiana Civic Day – Indiana State Library
5) February 15: Sustainable Living Seminar – Carmel Library

Want to publicly share your views about the environment to lawmakers?
There are at least seven town hall meetings (called “Third House”) happening across Indiana in the coming ten days!

1) Columbus – Monday, February 6th (and Monday, February 13th)
2) Hamilton County – Friday, February 10th
3) Elkhart – Friday, February 10th
4) Boone County – Saturday, February 11th
5) Evansville – Saturday, February 11th
6) Huntington County – Saturday, February 11th
7) Madison County – Monday, February 13th

And don’t forget about HEC’s next volunteer training,  Wednesday, February 8th!

If you would like to learn more about the bills moving through the legislature and talking points for conversing with your representative and senator, please visit our Bill Watch 2017 page.
January 2. 2017  Monday Monthly Meeting Agenda

I. Call to Order 7pm –  President
II. Membership acknowledgement (PAYPAL LINK  & Member Information Link HERE)
III. Please share your pics with Blue Roots Project (Dec. 2016 meeting)
IV.  Fundraising Committee Report for February Fundraiser
A.    Advertising
V.   Riparian Buffer Initiative update for Trier & progress – Specific Trier Ditch Map windshield survey
VI.   Member Reports
VII. New Business
A.   Executive Board of Trustees for 2017 Save Maumee Grassroots Organization Inc.
*President – Abigail Frost-King
*Vice President – Celia Garza
*Executive Secretary – Alissa Hart
*Treasurer – Jain Young

Adjourn 8:30

FYI: You’re invited to join Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Advocates Workshop in 2017! 

Ricky Janquera, Deputy Press Secretary with the Sierra Club is leading this workshop designed to provide guidance, practice, and space for people to hone-in their advocacy skills with the Beyond Coal to Clean Energy Campaign. There will be education, training, and practice elements during this workshop. 

Let’s win in 2017! Kick the year off right by attending this workshop to strengthen and practice your advocacy skills, and to come together with a community of people dedicated to moving your city away from coal to clean energy; and protecting clean air, clean water and the climate. 

Below is a menu of items you’ll feel more confident engaging in following this workshop:

  • Speaking to your networks about why and how we can move our community beyond coal 
  • Speaking at events in support of moving the community beyond coal to clean energy 
  • Providing quotes or being interviewed by media 
  • Writing op-eds and letters to the editor 
  • Attending editorial board meetings
  • Speaking with community leaders, and elected officials
  • Speaking on radio shows

Anyone who would be excited to speak to their friends, family and community about the need for us to move away from coal to clean energy is welcome to attend. 

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE WORKSHOP!  for details, Megan Anderson, Associate Organizing Representative, Sierra Club, (812)

MUNCIE: Thursday, January 5, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm, Unitarian Universalist Church of Muncie, 4800 W Bradford Dr, Muncie, IN 47304

FORT WAYNE: Saturday, January 7, 2:00-4:00 pm, Fellowship Hall, Plymouth Congregational Church, 501 W Berry St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802

SOUTH BEND: Sunday, January 8, 2:00-4:00 EST, First Unitarian Church, 801 E Washington St, South Bend, IN 46617

December 5, 2016 Meeting Agenda

I. Call to Order 7pm –  President
II. Membership acknowledgement from Nov. Member Meeting
III. Special request to share our work with Blue Roots Project

IV. New Business
A. Announcement from Aiste’, Ball State Graduate student, working with a team called The Blue Roots Project#myblueroots @bluerootsproject
Mission: to encourage people across the world to share art and stories related to water in their lives and their community.  Project will help to document challenges and issues and share conversations of how water affects us and our community and share hope. Save Maumee leaders should be prepared to share their connection to water and document stores via audio/photo/video after adjourning this meeting. CONTACT INFO: Aistė Manfredini Graduate student | Emerging Media Design and Development Graduate Assistant | Unified Media Lab amanfredini [AT] | 847-691-7371

B. Fundraiser Discussion – Fundraiser outreach with Terry Ratliff owner of Terry Ratliff Fine Art and The Phoenix’s Sarah Sperry (any day the week before Valentines Day 2017) – possibly a Wine and Canvass – Art Show – Silent Auction/Raffle  – Live Entertainment – Food Service

V. Member Reports
A. Member request discussion to have Indigenous Native American Action on the Maumee
B. Other
Adjourn 8:30
*Upon adjourning, please prepare to make a statement on camera for your connection to water for the Blue Roots Project if you would like to be involved.


AGENDA~ Monday, OCTOBER 3, 2016

Call to Order 7pm – President

I. Membership & Acknowledgement of new members
* Member Meeting – Member updates & keynote
II. Upcoming Events: promoted at Middle Waves, Democratic Dinner
*Seed Harvest – Park at Boy Scouts of America – MOST PRODUCTIVE EVENT
*October 20, Thursday- tree unloading and setup for event over next 3 days
*3 Day Tree Planing – preparations? map creation, web signage – verbiage of what online “sign” should say?
-Lacrosse Team, Canterbury School
III. New Buisness
*Update to our newest grant awarded: The Federal Forest Service Great Lakes Restoration grant was awarded for ROUND 2 of Save Maumee Riparian Buffer Initiative Phase II!  We have been selected to continue funding for our initiative through the year 2018! Starting in October our new grant will be processed and plans will be set for Trier Ditch, Bullerman Ditch & Six Mile Creek!
*Continued oversight of Allen County Drainage Board and vegetation removal found here:
Allen County Drainage Board problems suggestions ditch dipAllen County Drainage Board practices conflicts assurance





Adjourned 8:30

Labor Day Minutes September 5, 2016

Call to Order: 7:17 Adjourned: 8:31
Role call: Lydia & Lee LaMont, Jain Young, Ryan Bailey, Alissa Hart, Rowan Green, Abigail Frost-King
*No minutes to approve
*New Member Andy Wolff
*Member meeting will be Monday Nov. 7th at Hall’s Gas House 7-8:30pm – invitations must be sent out 30 days in advance. Make invitations
*Alissa Hart to work with graphic design for branding and publications for print & wants to help remove the 400 lbs of fencing (X 34 rolls) from outside our Six Mile Creek work site.
* Mo Palmer, IPFW Grad Student working with Riverfront Dev. to remove selective invasive species in the 3 mile project area, concerns still lie with indiscriminate removal with chemical herbicides.
*Northeast Indiana Water Trails Strategic Planning session is scheduled for October 28th todiscuss the outcome of the 1st annual Pedal, Paddle, and Play, the NEI Water Trails website and garner any input you may have on future plans for the NEI Water Trails.
*Abby will bring Save Maumee signs for a photo op at Canoe Clean Up & for the after party at CS3
*Rowan Green suggested for Earth Day 2017, to have “Rising Appalachia” musical group in town.  They work along side Permaculture Action Hub and we may need to come up with money to have them attend/play.  Jain will write a template to submit the grant Bill Brown suggested.

Suggested Reading:
final Blue-Green Algae Report for the season:   We are ending the season with 11 lakes/reservoirs with a high cell count recreation advisory. I would think this should be of deep concern to our state officials.  
When you are speaking with candidates for office, I suggest you mention this count to them.  Of course, it is also important to mention the 303 d list of impaired waters. 
US Beekeepers Fear For Livelihoods As Anti-Zika Toxin Kills 2.5 m bees
NARMS Reports Antibiotic Resistance In Salmonella Remains High
A Cow’s Life: It Isn’t All Clover
USDA Makes $11.7 M Egg Purchase
Millions At Risk As Deadly Fungal Infection Acquired Drug Resistance
Animal Rights Activist On Trial In Canada For Giving Water To Pigs

Monday August 1, 2016 AGENDA

I.   7pm – Call to Order/ Introductions –  President
II. Approve Minutes – Secretary
III. Membership
A. Member acknowledgement
B. Member Reports
C. Terry Doran has shared his movie and it is now uploaded to the Save Maumee youtube account (thanks to Greg Morrical)
IV. Old Business
A.  Site discussion RE: Earth Day sites 1 & 2 in Bullerman – still have not thanked everyone
B. Current campaign  INITIATIVE  – Civil Rights & nondiscriminatory policy for project: CLICK HERE
V. New Business
A. Six Mile Creek site “Invasive Removal” report from July 21, 22, and 23 SEE HERE: 
B. 3 Day Tree Planting 2016
Friday Oct. 21, NOON-5pm
Saturday Oct. 22, NOON-5pm
Sunday Oct. 23,   NOON-3pm

C. Fundraiser needed! $ needed!
1. Canoe Clean Up
2. Seed Harvest
3. Annual Member Meeting
a. elections

D. Preparation for Drainage Board Meeting on August 25, 2016 at 9:30am – garden level of Citizens Square RE: removal of vegetation on riverbanks.

E. Other events happening: Riverfront Gathering – 5-8pm in Defiance Ohio on Friday August 5.

adjourn 8:30

Monday June 6, 2016 AGENDA

I.   7pm – Call to Order/ Introductions –  President
II. Approve Minutes – Secretary
III. Membership
A. Member acknowledgement
IV. Old Business
A.  Update the Bullerman (sites 1 & 2)
1. Tree Update
2. Watering
3. Reporting to Federal Gov. for 1st quarter (6 months)  They need to be thanked!
B. Current campaign SEE HERE:     SAVE MAUMEE RIPARIAN BUFFER INITIATIVE  – Civil Rights & nondiscriminatory policy for project: CLICK HERE
V. New Business:
A. Six Mile Creek sites 3 & 4 (out of 6) 3 day preparation to remove invasives & SET DATE FOR TREE PLANTING (460 trees will be planted in Sept. OR October 2016)
*Thursday JULY 21,  4pm-9pm
*Friday JULY 22, 4pm-9pm
*Saturday JULY 23 exact time for work day TO-BE-DETERMINED
B.Parks and rec. Department are preparing a GLRI grant application to replace up to 600 urban street trees. The project area is roughly Anthony Blvd on the east from IPFW to the Hosey Dam and everything west to the rivers – St. Joe and Maumee.
What is needed, if the language is there, are parts of the Watershed Management Plans (St. Joe and Upper Maumee) that might address: 1. Tree planting, 2. reducing run-off (tree uptake) 3. Improved habitat that would aid in capturing phosphorous or any WMP specifics that would reinforce the planting of trees. The grant check box is to mitigate the devastation of the Emerald Ask Borer.

Sara Nichter. She is doing the writing and pulling together supporting documents. She is specifically looking for letters of support from organizations. Can Save Maumee and the St. Joseph River Watershed Initiative write a letter of support this project? Sara will be sending you additional information that would focus your letter efforts. Also – again if there is specific language from the WMP that could support this project please share with Sara. If you could provide a link to your WMP of a PDF copy that would help as well.


From: Sarah Nichter [] Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2016 10:52 AM
To: Chad Tinkel; Derek Veit
Cc: Alec Johnson; Dan Wire (; Anne Marie Smrchek
Subject: meeting with others
Importance: High

Hi all – we are applying for $100,000 to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative through the Forest Service, and we need to get a meeting where we can brainstorm about how we can meet all the qualifications of this grant (we want to get it done by the 17th – so there’s a rush). We are focusing on restoring canopy lost to the EAB and improving the water quality of a watershed going into the Great Lakes.

This is a collaboration grant, so we want to get you and any others that should be involved in a watershed issue together. Chad was thinking the Lakeside/Northside area would be perfect for this – as we can apply for $100,000 in trees and could make a significant impact on  sedimentation for Lake Erie.

I also need letters of commitment and collaboration from you to show that we’re all working for the same purpose – to intercept and slow down the volume of sediment by restoring our lost tree canopy. The instructions say “including qualitative and quantitative contributions toward project planning and implementation.” I’m attaching the Mayor’s letter, though I imagine yours would be more specific to the project.

Which leads me to ask: can we get together for a meeting ASAP? I have listed a number of dates and times when I am available – please “reply all” and let us all know your available times, too – by my listing. That way, we can get something nailed down. Thanks everyone!

June 6th – anytime

June 7th – anytime

June 8th – morning

June 9th – afternoon

June 10th – morning

Sarah Nichter

Manager-information & development

Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation


Cost share is being taken care of by the Parks and Rec. Dept. Planting, if the grant is approved, will begin in the fall of 2017.The application is due before the end of the month so this call for help needs to be fast tracked.

C. Someone should attend:

Friends of the Parks of Allen County, Inc. invites you to its 2016 Annual Meeting and Program featuring speaker Dr. Malcolm Cairns, of Ball State University, who is leading our project to develop an inventory of cultural landscapes in Allen County.
5:30-7:30 p.m.  June 15

Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory 1100 S. Calhoun St. Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802 A short business meeting will be conducted. Cash bar, hors d’oeuvres.

D.RiverDrums Sunday June 19 & Riverpalooza June 25

8:30 adjourn

Monday May 2, 2016 AGENDA  

I.   7pm – Call to Order/ Introductions –  President
II. Approve Minutes – Secretary
III. Membership
A. Member acknowledgement
B. Check-up Groupon “free” advertising and effectiveness
IV. Old Business
A.  Update the Bullerman (sites 1 & 2) / Earth Day
1. Tree Selection /  Design Plan
2. Who were the other musicians?  I have The Renz Brothers for an hour on the website:  They need to be thanked!
4. Civil Rights & nondiscriminatory policy for project: CLICK HERE
B. Earth Day reimbursement receipts MUST BE GIVEN TO ME BY THIS MEETING DATE
V. New Business: Six Mile Creek location planning
1. Setup of Volunteers for watering schedule for Bullerman project area

8:30 adjourn

Monday April 4, 2016

I.   7pm – Call to Order/ Introductions –  President
II. Approve Minutes – Secretary
III. Membership
A. Member acknowledgement
B. Check on Groupon “free” advertising and effectiveness
1. Need to create certificate and print
2. Need to assure all are validated by 4pm on April 17
IV. Old Business
A.  Update the Bullerman (sites 1 & 2) / Earth Day
1. Tree Selection
2. Design Plan
4. Civil Rights & nondiscriminatory policy for project: CLICK HERE
B. Earth Day Setup and advertising
1. Please share the event on your favorite social media:
2. Abby and volunteers will be on site PLEASE JOIN US
* Thursday April 14: 10am-4pm – unloading trees & setup site
* Friday April 15: 10am-4pm – 30 yard dumpster delivered, unloading trees, Port-a-John (Lydia)
* Saturday April 16: 10am-4pm – complete tree inventory and mark locations of specific trees, set up tent (Lydia), setup tables (Jain), setup site completion
*Sunday April 17 – EARTH DAY HERE:
NEED SIGNS FOR OUR LOCATION – afraid people will go to the usual spot on Niagara
1. recommended examples: “Earth Day this way ->” X at least 4 signs, “REGISTRATION/INFO”,  “Save Maumee Parking”
1. Tree Referee – the trees must be perfect if they want to live. Jain will assist all Tree Referee Volunteers Who? How Many?.
2. Celia – INFO BOOTH – groupon, waiver, registration – needs assistance since she will be there alone & Abby will be at the riverbank with the trees – I am going to wear a yellow vest for easy ID and may have more reflective vests for easy ID for tree referees.
3. Were there other musicians?  I have The Renz Brothers for an hour on the website:
4. Someone to wear Bag Monster? ___________
 Important to note for tree planting:
1. DO NOT REMOVE ANY TAGS FROM TREES (this task will be completed in 2017 upon inventory by the Forest Service and will remove tags then)
2. DO NOT MAKE TREE HOLE BIGGER THAN THE POT – this is a violent riverbank and will flood, so it is recommended we do not disturb more soil than we have to.
5. THEN the newly installed tree will be WATERED with river water.
8:30 adjourn

AGENDA: MONDAY October 5, 2015

I. 7pm – Call to Order/Introductions – President
II.  Approve Minutes – Secretary
A. Membership Meeting DATE: November 9, 2015
(CLICK to see last years Membership Meeting)
III. Membership acknowledgment
A. Become a member at this meeting if you would like to vote in this election, sit on the board, or just support the work!
IV. Old Business
A. Federal 319 we submitted has made it to the YES pile. We find out if we are funded -YES or NO- around December 17 2015: Upper Maumee Watershed Implementation grant
B. City of Fort Wayne has included us in their GLRI grant submitted for vegetation plantings/ exotics removal (2 X per month from April-October 2016-2017.
V. Member Updates
VII. New Business

adjourn 8:30pm

AGENDA: Monday September 14, 2015

I. 7pm – Call to Order/Introductions – President
II.  Approve Minutes – Secretary
A. Secure Date for Membership Meeting
(CLICK to see last years Membership Meeting)
III. Membership acknowledgment
A. Become a member at this meeting if you would like to vote in this election, sit on the board, or just support the work!
IV. Old Business
A. Canoe Clean-Up
B. Presentation for American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK)
C. Hazardous Household Waste Initiative is moving forward with the city!
V. Member Updates
VII. New Business
A. Federal 319 submitted: Upper Maumee Watershed Implementation grant
B. Vote to partner with NIRCC for the GLRI grant application due on Sept. 28, 2015

* Sign up for Board Bootcamp on Saturday Oct. 3 2015 – 9am-noon at Downtown Allen County Public Library

Adjourn 8:30pm

Monday August 3, 2015 – AGENDA

I. 7pm – Call to Order / Introductions – President
II.  Approve Minutes – Secretary
III.  Old Business
A. Raft Race Cancellation – REPORT HERE
IV. New Business
A. SEPTEMBER 12 – Saturday – Canoe Clean Up at Fort Wayne Outfitters Bike Depot on Cass Street (off Wells St.)
B. OCTOBER 17 – Saturday – Seed Harvest at Little River Wetland Project off Engle Rd.
C. Annual Member Meeting – President
1. How can we motivate people to attend? – call them!  ________
D. Waterways of the U.S. update – Secretary
E. Member Updates
F. Adjourn – 8:30

TUESDAY July 7, 2015 – Agenda

I. 7pm – Call to Order/Introductions – President
II.  Approve Minutes – Secretary
III. Membership acknowledgment
A. Become a member at this meeting if you would like to vote in this election, sit on the board, or just support the work!
IV. Old Business
V. Canoe Trip 2015 Discussion for Saturday July 18th, 2015
VI. Board of Director Updates
VII. Member Updates

MINUTES June 1, 2015
Called to order: 7:10 PM        Adjourned: 8:44 PM
I. President LaMont absent. Abby calls the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.
II. Lydia submitted a Letter of Intent to the EPA for a 319 grant. The grant would involve implementing riparian buffers, rain gardens, rain barrels, cisterns ect. in an Urban setting.
III. Abby met with photographers from Chicago, Contracted with the Alliance for the Great Lakes
VI. Abby moves to approve May minutes. Celia seconds. Minutes approved.
V. Abby has worked approximately nine hours to obtain the rights to the website domain. We cannot use Save Maumee e-mails or the website until the domain is released.
VI. Treasury report: The Business Entity Report is due in June. 1771.00 in SMGO account
VII. Water bottles- 100/ 2.57 bottle. ($257.00) Bowden offered, through the grant to help pay for t shirts and water bottles. We would propose a one day trip from launch of raft race to New Haven. Possible to have meal and fire afterwards. Save Maumee will make contact with 3Rivers festival planning committee to attend the raft as representation of water quality.
VIII. Cantebury Middle school came to do they project with save maumee on the river bank. The students planted seeds as well as picked up garbage. The teacher would like this to be an on going event. Students would like t shirts.
XVI. The 11th of June the SWCD is having a conference. Abby is unable to attend. Sarah offered to represent Save Maumee
X. Abby finished the 10th Annual Earth Day re-cap. Frost newspaper wants to do a follow up story.
XI. Facebook page needs to be updated on the brochure. The brochure itself needs a minor re-vamping. Time to ask AEP for printing.
XI. Next board meeting Sunday June 7th at 11:00AM  at Java Mama
XII. We are in need of variety in t-shirt sizes. Abby moves to purchase $150.00 of dye for the white shirts left over. T-shirts should be sold for $20 to pay for themselves with a small profit margin. Kerry second. Purchase approved.
XIII. Boys and Girl’s club would like to do a kids project. Terry Doran and TRACK would like to collaborate also. Would do tye dye. Jain inquires if the program would be supervised by the organization or SMGO. We may not have the capabilities to supervise that many children.
XVI. Kid’s night- Sarah wants to run the program bi-weekly.
XX. Jain is GAP certified. She will be going to every vegetable and fruit farm and help them become GAP certified. It is state law that they will all have to be certified
Thursday at Jain’s. Nationally known artist- $10.00- Coffee shop in Angola canceled her once they learned she promoted pagan, wiccan and all religions.
XXII. Floating island design needs updated.

MINUTES: May 4, 2015- Public Monthly Meeting;
Called to order: 7:00 PM     Adjourned 8:47 PM

I. Minutes- Having trouble with website, looking into purchasing our domain name. March 5th minutes read aloud. Further discussion at board meeting. Date set later on in meeting.
II. Memberships- Deposits made, Abby moves to discuss with treasury report in board meeting. Lydia 2nd.
III.  Update on status of GLRI grant that Lydia wrote- We need to pin down locations for projects in bullerman ditch and six-mile creek.
IV. Jain will follow up with the grant that Joe Schmees sent out. She will keep us informed if it is something we can apply for.
V. Earth Day 2015 was a success. Talked about a form thank you letter to send to donors and supporters. Lydia volunteered to write the form thank you letter. Sarah sent thank you’s via Facebook to band members that provided music.
VII. River summit re-cap- Many of us attended the event. Chad Pragrake was an inspiration in cleaning the Mississippi river. Abby inquired to the DNR as to what fish are desirable for the river and how we can help re-populate. His response was that you have to give them suitable habitat to breed. Some fish species have no desire due to lack of habitat. Marcy Kaptur spoke about the Western Lake Erie Basin and its stand-alone potential as a target funding source.
VIII. Tracey Seaman received praise from Dan Wire for Pictures.
XVI. May 11th at 8:30 PM at Abby’s house- Next Board Meeting
X. Are we building a raft this year for the Raft Race? Abby proposes that we have a presence at FW Outfitters to do an erosion control project. Riparian management plan will be complete in July. We could do some project with the racers and incorporate planting projects(e.g. marshmallow) Educate about what a riparian buffer is. Bio habitats is writing the riparian management plan! They have the contract with the City. Live stakes? We will hear a lot of live stakes in the coming riparian management plan. Bill suggests that we anchor a wetland in the “race track” that it will raise awareness when people have to go around it.
XI. Floating wetland- Curt Meyer- sells designs like this. is another good spot to look
XII. Dan offers shade for three rivers Friday night Saturday and Sunday. 4 or 5 ten by 20 tents with several other non-profits. Do not need to bring tents chairs or tables! Thanks Dan!
Mystery wetland! Our floater could makes its way around town in the river getting attention.
XIII. Canoe clean-up Date. Saturday September 12th from 11-3 PM. No promo until we have contacted FW Outfitters. Dan has thoughts for expanding the event. Met with city and they are getting a lot of calls of people that want to help. Says the City would promote the event as part of their riverfront plans.
XVI. Thursday May 7th, Carrol middle school students are working at 6 different locations where there is 90 minutes for a potential education component.
VI. May 16th American Rivers Clean-up day.
VII. Seed Harvest Date at Eagle Marsh- October 10th from 1PM- 4 PM If that week does not work for Eagle marsh the 17th will be the back-up day
VIII. Member meeting in October- Will review options for venue. Tentative dates /September 27th- 30th.
Call Army Corp to talk about the WWRDA follow-up. Study should be complete by now.
Dan mentions again the Mott Foundation grant; that they like to fund smaller non-profit initiatives.
Celia will follow up on the army corp projects.
Lydia moves to pay for Abby’s computer repair. Jain second, vote is unanimous.
Adjourned 8:47

May 4, 2015  AGENDA
I. Call to Order/Introductions: President
II. Approve Minutes: Secretary
III. Membership acknowledgment
A. One can become a member at this meeting if you would like to vote in this election, sit on the board, or just support the work.
IV. Old Business
A. Grants
B. 10th Annual Earth Day Recap – who else needs to be thanked?
C. River Summit Recap
V. New Business
A. Decide on next board meeting date/time/location
B. Decide Three Rivers Festival Presence in July
C. Decide Canoe Clean Up Date in September
D. Decide Seed Harvest Date & Member Meeting Dates in October
E. Sign the Support Statement for riparian areas next to ditches – everyone should sign (if you have not already)
F. Creation of a new Membership Brochure
G. Curt Meyer is engineering a “floating wetland”
H. Curt Meyer has created the locations of pictures: Maumee Matters 141 Mile Trip:
Day 1 April 19
Day 2 April 20
Day 3 April 21
Day 4 April 22
Day 5 April 23
Day 6 April 24
Day 7 April 25
Day 8 April 26

V. NEED: To follow up with the Army Corps of Engineers while they review and develop the new Vegetation Management Policy. More info here:
VI. NEED to follow up with the Implementation Conference Attendees!

Vice President Report for April 2015

Very busy month with Spring blooming! I wanted you to know my vacation will be from June 23 to July 8 and working full-time all summer at Safeway.


  • Upper Maumee Watershed Partnership meeting May 6, 2015 6-7 pm at the Community Memorial Hospital in Hicksville.  Someone should attend because I am unable
  • THIS Friday – 9am – speaking at Niagara Dr. to 40 middle schoolers
  • EVERY OTHER Friday there will be water monitoring at designated locations along ditches in the Upper Maumee watershed, please call Sarah Loshe – 494-6904 if you would like to help her sample water with Sierra Club and IPFW’s Environmental Resources Center (ERC)  – Bruce Allen is helping to include the Buddhist community with this initiative.
  • THIS Friday at NOON I am speaking to the Sierra Club water testing group at Camp Scott
  • Friday, May 29th at 9am. Blueway Trails Meeting (locations on the rivers to put-in/take out for recreation). Location: Citizen Square – 200 E Berry St. Fort Wayne (room 220). Questions call Kyle Christine Quandt 260-449-7309  


  • I attended Food Not Lawns Fundraiser and Movie Night at Wunderkammer and did promotions for SMGO.
  • Attended the Solidarity Cafe and got to speak with Barbara Ehrenreich (best selling author) – I posed the question, “How do we get people to align with people that have made a difference in the world. (i.e. Dr. MLK, Gandhi etc) – she said “to teach OTHERS HOW to be a leader and use their voice to move change.”



This is what I said at the Allen County Solid Waste Board Meeting in April

Dear Solid Waste Board of Directors, I am the Vice President & founder of Save Maumee Grassroots Organization – we are a local nonprofit that works to protect surface water and our rivers in Fort Wayne.  I am representing approximately 300 people today.

We wanted you to know there has been a public out cry to ask there be a designated household hazardous waste drop off location on a regular basis.

I will spare you the full report of all 92 counties in the State of Indiana, but I wanted you to know other communities are embracing a permanent place for people to drop household hazardous waste on a regular schedule.

*Perry County – Monday through Friday and most Saturdays

*Whitley County – every Wednesday

*Indianapolis – every Saturday and

*Marion County has several weekday collections around the County in addition to the Indianapolis collection every Saturday

*Howard County – Mon Tues Thrus and Friday with Wednesday limited service

*Cass County – call to schedule a hazardous waste drop off

*Elkart County – 1st Saturday of every month

*Hamilton County – 2nd Saturday of every month

*Johnson County – Mon-Wed Friday

*Lake, Porter, and LaPorte County Solid Waste Districts are working together to collect household chemicals – open now 8 times THIS YEAR

*City of Carmel – Tuesday through Friday and most Saturdays

*Hendricks County – once per year

*Allen County – once per year

This has become an urgent matter because upon randomly stopping and polling people who work with hazardous chemicals sold on store shelves, most people would answer the question I posed:

What are you going to do with the leftover substance when you are done?

There were several answers that continued again and again….

#1 – going to put leaves, couch stuffing, rugs (or other porous material) in the container and then put it in the trash

#2 – going to pour it on unwanted plants they wanted to kill

#3 – put it in the trash

women were the only ones that answered – store it #4

Save Maumee is looking for a designated place the public can drop off household hazardous waste on a regular schedule.

The public would understand a posted sign stating DO NOT LEAVE MATERIALS HERE – but IF there were materials left on the front porch, it would still NOT be going into our landfills or surface water.

To be green and offset costs, you could use a Product Exchange Program: Cleaning, automotive, and garden products would be donated by residents to the Product Exchange Program for other residents to take home and repurpose. This free program is available at all of the county’s permanent HHW sites.

With all the work going into Riverfront Development and how important the economy is closely tied to our most important resource our three rivers. As the 2nd largest City in the State we should set the example for other communities, not trail behind.  This is perfect time to provide the public with a drop off site more than the once per year – in September – Tox Away Day.

IF you are concerned with cost of such a program, please look to the manufacturers and distributors of these hazardous products to reclaim what they have made money selling on there store shelves to the public.

You have the ability to protect the public. Thank you for your time.

Respectfully submitted,

Abigail King

Save Maumee Grassroots Organization Inc. View President & Founder;;0;;N;0;0;Government%20and%20Community%20Services;Environmental%20Protection%20Services;504;Hazardous%20Materials%20Collection%20Sites

Agenda April 6, 2015

I.    Call to Order 7pm – Save Maumee President
II.   Introductions
III.  New Member Recognition & Membership Call– Save Maumee Secretary
IV.  Earth Day
V.   River Summit

MINUTES from March 9, 2015
I. Treasury Report Jain and Abby working on 2014 books for taxes.
II. New Members- Billy’s Dug Out a recent Organizational member! Bruce volunteers to run membership drive for Earth Day.
III. Minutes from January 5th meeting read aloud- Motion to amend adjourned time for 8:35. Abby seconds none oppose.
VI. GPS on the website is coming along. The first three days of the canoe trip are uploaded with GPS locations.
V. Save Maumee in Washington- Bruce Allen Reports, last week in February every week is Clean Water Week in D.C. Save Maumee met with Marlin Stutzman. HB 223 is GLRI bill. Bruce passes out a contact list of local elected officials. Would like to see the language strengthened within the GLRI.
VI. Discussion about federal funding for CSO communities and homeowners septic tanks.
VII. Sarah Loshe with a Sierra Club grant through her IPFW internship are targeting 10 ditches for water monitoring per the list provided by Abby. Resource center at IPFW has offered volunteers for our use.
VIII. Herb DeleGrange is expecting our call to address his property along the Bullerman Ditch- they are to commence with even more construction along Landin road and the bullerman ditch. Another identified project area is at Lake and Beacon in a ditch neighboring Primary Engineering.
IVX. Grant Meeting March 15th at Java Mama at 2:30 PM
XVI. Earth Day planning- April 19th unless further discussion about a collaborative event with Fort Wayne Outfitter’s Bike Depot
XVII. Set meeting times for Fundraising Committee- Lydia, Jain, Sarah; Outreach Committee- March 12th at 11AM at the Law School
XVII. Board meeting-  Monday March 23, 8:30 at Lydia’s
XVIII. Dani and Norm to work on Public Access videos; discussion to upload video to website. Files may be too large, must be edited. Would like the video to be uploaded before the River Summit.
X. Adjourned

Agenda March 9, 2015

I. Call to Order 7pm – Save Maumee President
II.  Introductions
III. Reports
A. New Member Recognition & Membership Call– Save Maumee Secretary
1. Treasurer report for 2014
IV. Approve Minutes for Monday Monthly Meeting – Save Maumee Secretary
V.  Upper Maumee Implementation Conference discussion: SAVEMAUMEE:PRINTERSPAIRS
     A. Save Maumee’s Campaign Action Strategy
     B. Follow-up with strategy from attendees:
          1. mass of information: video, maps, pictures, conference responses, media reports, THANK YOU NOTES
          2. Communication to the masses: Purpose
3. Curt Meyer map creation from 141 mile canoe trip progress
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:

VI. Set Dates:
*  Earth Day DATE?
*  Board Meeting
*  Governance Meeting
*  Outreach/Education/Events
*  Fundraising
Adjourn 8:30pm

February 2, 2015 – Meeting was cancelled due to weather

January 6, 2015 AGENDA

I. Call to Order 7pm – Save Maumee President
II.  Introductions
III. New Member Recognition & Membership Call– Save Maumee Secretary
IV. Approve Minutes for Monday Monthly Meeting – Save Maumee Secretary
V.  Upper Maumee Implementation Conference – SIGN UP NOW
      A. Hand outs will be provided for discussion on Implementation Conference
1. Implementation Conference Agenda
         2. Short List for Implementation Strategies
         3. PLANNING COMMITTEE Implementation Conference AGENDA

AGENDA for December 1, 2014 
I. Call to Order 7pm – Save Maumee President
II.  Introductions
III. New Member Recognition & Membership Call– Save Maumee Secretary
IV. Approve Minutes for Monday Monthly Meeting – Save Maumee Secretary

V.  Upper Maumee Implementation Conference – Save the date January 24, 2014 from 9am-3:30pm

January 24, 2015 Upper Maumee Watershed Management Plan Implementation Conference. LET’S IMPLEMENT THIS TREMENDOUS PLAN!

January 24, 2015 Upper Maumee Watershed Management Plan Implementation Conference. LET’S IMPLEMENT THIS TREMENDOUS PLAN!

A. Invitations will be sent out Tuesday Dec. 2nd before 9am to stakeholders in the Plan first, then will be released to the general public
B. SWCD River Summit discussion. What will SMGO’s role be for the River Summit in March 2015.
1. may have to decide after the Implementation Conference because other things may become apparent

VI.  Grant Updates – Board Member Lydia Lamont
A. Cedar Tree Grant – nothing yet
B. Media Grant – denied due to funding maximum reached
C. Sierra Club Grant
1. Proposal to establish a  formal Partnership with Sierra Club and League of Women Voters
D. Other Grants

VII. Committees
We encourage dedicated Members to join a committees tonight with the exception of the Governance committee, which is composed of the Officers of SMGO INC. On November 10, 2014 the Board of Trustees created the following Committees:


Outreach, Education & Events

Governance- Composed of the Officers of SMGO INC.

VIII. Adjourn 8:30PM